Four Noble Truths

1. There is suffering.

The majority of people will experience some form of suffering in life. This may come to them in the form of pain, loss, hardship, even as an accident. When these moments enter our lives, we look for those who can help us find our way out of suffering.

2. There is often a cause to suffering.

When we suffer from a broken leg, the cause is clear. We understand where this comes from and what we must do to make it better. However, sometimes the cause is less clear, or even non existent. This makes the path to end, or cope with, our illness, injury or loss a harder path to find alone. This is why we founded the Apiary.

3. There is an end to suffering, whether the cause is curable, fixable or manageable  

We at The Apiary believe Yoga Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Licensed Mental Health Counseling and numerous other holistic modalities are the means to an end. We believe our purpose in life is to aid you in finding and following a path that allows you to live your life to the fullest.

4. The end to suffering lies in following the correct path.

While we are all on a different journey filled with different obstacles and triumphs, we believe there are eight principles that are part of everyone’s path to health and wellness. As holistic practitioners, we each have a principle we feel the most apt in which to serve you along your journey. 



Joanna Timm  |  Ella duke


A message from our founders.

At the Apiary we believe in cultivating balance, wellbeing & happiness through holistic health practices. We welcome clients and patients of all ages, abilities, genders, races & sexual orientations.

We’ve brought together a team of practitioners that are caring, compassionate & capable of helping you find your way to optimal health and wellness. We are committed to serving & educating our community, inspiring social change, and holding space for our community’s healing.

Please feel free to reach out to either Ella or Joanna with any questions.


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